Dropping And Clearing

Big Hole River 5580 cfs, temp. 54, visibility 2 feet.

What a difference a couple days make. The river no longer looks like chocolate milk and has turned to strong tea color which means it will definitely start to fish. It has dropped almost 500 cfs since yesterday morning and the graphs on the upper river show they are dropping also. The forecast is for much cooler temps and unless it rains a lot it will continue to drop and clear. My favorite time to fish especially for the big ones is when the visibility is between 2 and 3 feet.

I ordered a new self bailing raft as I got tired of pumping water out of my old raft due to the many pin holes in the floor, which reminds me–no more spiked wading shoes in my raft or drift boat. Any way the shipment arrived today complete with frame, oars, anchor system, seats but was missing one main ingredient—no boat. You would think when they packaged it all up they might notice this minor detail on their check list. Oh well I guess that happens sometimes when they ship on a monday.


  1. Paul Neibergs

    You expected a boat? You must be one of those picky flyfisher types.

    Thanks for the update on the Bighole. I am excited to get back out and fish it. I got some of the new bunny leaches from your shop last time I was through and they worked great. Maybe I can even use bugs rather than meat next time if it doesn’t rain. Thanks again!

  2. Todd Trigsted

    With your new boat purchase….does that mean you will sell your old one?

    Hi Art and Al…


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