Cool Waters

Big Hole River 262 cfs
Beaverhead River 782 cfs

I notice on the weather map the heat wave we had last week has moved on east. One hundred degrees in Chicago today and the worst thing about that is there are no mountains to go up into to cool off. My sister lives there and wants me to go and visit her soon. I think I’ll wait awhile.

Fishing on the Big Hole remains about the same but start paying a little more attention to the tricos. Water temp. this evening at Divide access is 61 which is ideal. If you venture out real early in the morning try using big attractors such as chernoble ants, you may be pleasantly surprised. Also early in the morning cast your fly to places where you would not think a trout would be like soft shallow water. The big boys move in these places at night looking for dinner and will still be there in the early a.m. for breakfast.

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  1. John A. Vylonis

    Its also hot in Michigan, yesterday reached 96 & very humid. My guys worked until 1:30pm & left early to the AC of their homes, of course I had to stay Oh Well! They really do earn their pay…Again thanks for all the Bighole River updates…jav

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