Blown Out

Big Hole River 3120 cfs

Our mid summer type temps. continue and the river keeps rising. The Wise River is dumping a lot of water and it’s pretty murky. I drove up river all the way to the Squaw Creek Bridge and it’s still fishable up there with about two foot visibility.

I contacted Uncle Bob’s Sport Shop in Dillon to get a report on the Beaverhead and it’s gone by the wayside also. Grasshopper Creek is on the rise and dumping in mud.

I thought we had it bad until I got a comment from the Bugger Man back east. The Merrimack River is running at 81,ooo cfs and is 750 % of average. The fish gods are really mad at them.

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  1. Fran Schneider

    Snuffy, du bischt aw de grossa shice fur fill. You need to lie about the river conditions and when they show up, it just happend the night before. You need Bob Furst to do your marketing. See ya. Fran/. Danny and I just got back from Jerry’s funeral. Not too much fun, but was good to see Nicky and the rest of the family.

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