Beautiful Day

The temperature today got up to almost 60 and I should have gone fishing but I did the sensible thing and stocked up on some more fire wood. The weather for the next few days is forecast for much of the same and the river is in great shape. It’s hard to believe that a week ago it was -5 and the river was starting to freeze up.

That little project I took on with running some heavy equipment on that reclamation site has been a bit over whelming. They must have found out that I am heading to Andros Island soon because they have had me working 12 hours a day — not complaining mind you.

Speaking of Andros Island, Herman says that the big bonefish are starting to show up on the flats in Bowen Sound, Young Sound and Fresh Creek. He will be guiding all of next week and will give me day by day reports. I’m starting to count down the days as to when I head there and I’m ready for a bonefish fix.

It looks like I’ll have to take the boat out of winter storage next weekend as some anglers called and pleaded with me to take them out then. This time of year can be very unpredictable weather wise. If it turns winter again, I will just be enjoying some of that fire wood I gathered up.

With this warm weather the elk hunting has slowed up a bit. There must have been at least a dozen rigs go by my house today heading up Charcoal Gulch (Fleecer Mtn) but I didn’t see any animals taken out. They should have gone fishing.

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  1. John A. Vylonis

    Al, thanks for the update, have a great week…jav

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Beautiful Day

Big Hole River 2190 cfs and dropping. visibility-3 feet

It was a bright, warm, beautiful day with no wind and the fish were taking a siesta it seemed. They wouldn’t touch a streamer for the most part and were pretty finicky with the nymphs also. Three days ago on that same stretch the river was very murky and it was cold and windy and we were whacking big fish. I guess you just can’t have really nice weather and good fishing too. It is a fact that the worse the weather the better the streamer fishing is. A guide who fished the lower river said he got into some skawla action.

Forecast for tomorrow is more of the same and Sunday the clouds move in for a few days.

Herman Bain from Andros Island just called in a report. He fished Bowen Sound today and said conditions were ideal with little wind and tailing fish all over the place. The biggest bones they got were about six pounds. They saw some double digit fish but couldn’t quite get the cast to them.
He said he is getting his computer in this weekend and I reminded him that he told me that last year. He assured me it came in on today’s boat. With that hooked up he will be able to e-mail me daily reports which will be great.

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Beautiful Day

Big Hole River 1460 cfs, water temp. 49

This is the first really nice day we have had this spring and I had to spend most of it in the shop. We put in another new big display case for our fly’s as we added several new patterns this year. Since I’ll be guiding the next couple days I figured I better get it done. Looking forward to being on the river tomorrow as conditions are starting to look really good.

Had a report from a guy who fished the Beaverhead below Grasshopper Ck. yesterday and he said he did really well on olive buggers.

Tony, my roving reporter on Andros called me today on his cell phone while they were up Fresh Creek. The connection was pretty broken up but I did manage to hear that they had caught bonefish, barracuda and even a permit and they were desperately looking for tarpon to get the grand slam. Andros is noted for bonefish but getting a grand slam is very rare. I haven’t received his e-mail report yet so maybe their still looking for that tarpon near the dock where they come in at night.

Hank sent a report on off shore fishing. He said they hooked into two big fish trolling and they both broke off. I’ve seen Hank’s gear and the line he uses and if they broke off they had to be huge. After that they went bottom fishing and caught about eighty strawberry grouper. I know what was on the menu for fish of the day at Hank’s resturant. He also said the mutton snapper will be showing up in great numbers in the next couple weeks.

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