Back On The Big Hole

Big Hole 292 cfs
Beaverhead 163 cfs
Jefferson 683 cfs

It was good to be back on the Big Hole yesterday and it did not let us down. It more than made up for the miserable day we had on the Beav. the day before. Jimmy and Paul caught ten fish before we even got in the boat. It was cold, cloudy and windy in the morning but the fish were nailing streamers. I told the guys to start fishing while I got the boat ready and within a couple minutes they both had a fish on. As I watched, Jimmy made three casts and had a hookup on each cast. The weather was cold but the fishing was hot. It slowed down a bit when the sun came out but soon after some tricos started to come off and the fish were coming up for them. After the trico action the rest of the day was very good with may fly and small hopper patterns. There were only a few other wade fisherman on the river in the canyon and that kind of surprised me.

Forecast for the rest of the week is for warm temps. and partly cloudy.

For best results use streamers early and late in the day and may fly’s during the middle and if your not catching fish then, something is drastically wrong.


  1. Al, hang tough on the diversion dam issue. As you know, we were tagged as bastards for making the issue public. The CD would like to keep violations quiet. If we don’t follow through on the problems created this year, they will come back to haunt us year after year after year. The fisheries biologist says it will take 3 years for the lower river (below Glen) to recover from the low flows this year. The big trout are the first to go. Let’s make the Big Hole the river it SHOULD be.

  2. Ryan Reichle

    To Big Al and Pat Munday,
    You both will be blessed with many, many big fish for bringing the diversions to the public eye. I too am now widely hated for the letter I wrote to the Standard. Keep your chins up and keep up the good work. The Big Hole is a shadow of its former self and it needs men like you to bring it back to its former self. i fished the river today for the first time since the closure Mel-Brns and the nymphing was pretty good. I couldn’t fish much else as my anglers were not q

  3. Ryan Reichle

    sorry I guess I hit the wrong button. Anyway, I had anglers who were not in posession of the line control necessary to fish streamers and of the age where they are not going to improve no matter how much instruction I gave. But God bless ’em for still getting out there. We did get one 19″ brown and a few other nice trout with a healthy smattering of whiteys so it was a good day. A skilled angler could have put up numbers today as big fish were rising in tailouts.

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