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The State of Montana is proposing to have all outfitters and guides pay a fee for using State access sites along rivers and streams. They say the money will be used to pay for maintenance and such at these sites. Their would be a fee for every time we used one of these sites. I would be happy to pay the fee if it included not only the outfitters and guides, but all persons using these sites. The State says we should pay because we are making money off this resource. No kiddin-sometimes the bureaucrats just astound me. Tourism is the number two source of income in Montana and who brings in a lot of them is the outfittters and guides. Their clients spend money on motels, restuarants and whatever.

The State of Montana spends a lot of money promoting tourism and then some idiot in the bureaucratic infrastructure comes up with a plan to make a few cents.

Your comments are very welcome and I will pass them along to the Montana Department of Tourism and the Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, who came up with this brain child.

If I come across as a little peeved about the whole situation, your right.

Outfitters and guides not only bring a lot of money in but they protect the resourse. I could go on and on about this but I think I’ll just go out and talk to my dogs who are great listeners and who have a lot more common sense than some of the bureaucrats.

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  1. First of all, you know that the access points will be no better and all the guides will continue to break trailer axel’s at the launches.

    Second, you need to tax the fisherman, not the guide. Tack a $2 service fee on every license. If you are fronting $2,000 for a one week trip, an extra $2 on a $65 license won’t bother you.

    Third, you know it is the drunken pleasure cruisers who do all the damage to the access points. Charge them a parking fee of $2 or something. Make it voluntary. Sure, you’ll only collect 1/2 of the time, but it will be a more democratic taxation of the users.

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