Teaching Teenagers

Big Hole 316 cfs
Jefferson 642 cfs
Beaverhead 80 cfs Remember it closes to fishing from the dam to Selway Bridge Oct. 3rd

This afternoon I had the task of teaching four young teens the art of fly fishing. It was a bit windy and the first thing that happened while I was demonstrating the basic cast, a sudden gust of wind came up and I hooked myself right in the ear. They all stared at me and politely asked, “sir are you ok”. They knew better than to start laughing but I told them to go ahead and laugh, but if you do the fish gods will get even. The fish gods did get even because by the end of the session all four of them slipped on the Big Hole’s notorious slippery rocks and fell into the river. All in all it was a fun time . They were polite, attentive and quite willing to learn. Their parents came by toward the end of the session, not to check on them but to see if I was ok.

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  1. Let me guess – a #4 Pumkin bugger with barbell eyes. I’d swing a log chain without eye protection before I’d throw one of those in high winds without a snowmobile helmet on. Buggerman knows that safety always comes first.

    My dad always taught me that if you’re going to hook someone…hook the guide. I guess your dad taught you the same thing…unfortunately, you’re the guide, Al.


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