Salmon Fly’s

Big Hole 2780 cfs, temp 58

As I predicted as soon as the water temp came up the salmon fly’s would come out all over and they did. They crawled out all the way from East Bank to Melrose. None flying on the upper river because of a strong east wind today–which just about kicked my butt. The river has not dropped from yesterday but it is leveling off some. I also noticed quite a few small golden stones and we did the best on a yellow stimulator.
So if your looking for the salmon fly’s now there is approximately fifty miles of the Big Hole where you can find them.
I have some open days for next week so if any one is interested, give me a call.


  1. Todd Trigsted

    How awesome is this news…! Thank you Al for your day-to-day update on the salmon fly hatch…My trip up to Butte from Eugene, Oregon will now be blessed by this sacred Big Hole River hatch…

  2. Thanks for your daily updates. I anticipate reading your comments every day. I will stop in this weekend and say hello

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