Prime Rivers

Big Hole 477 cfs
Jefferson 1010 cfs
Missouri (below Holter dam) 4100 cfs

All three of these rivers listed above are in prime time fishing mode. The report I got from the Missouri is that it has been quite windy but fishing is excellent. Baetis, caddis and streamers are all producing. Personally if you want big brown trout up there, forget the baetis and caddis and go with buggers. The water temp. at 54 is perfect for them. If you stick to the canyon area you can get a reprieve from the wind.

Dry fly’s are still working on the Big Hole. In my last two trips we caught a lot of fish on top but 16 inches was about the biggest. Same goes for this river, if your looking for big fish go with a bugger, especially if it’s cloudy.

Roger spent a couple days on the Madison with some friends and they all did well on nymphs.

You couldn’t ask for any better weather for this time of year and the forecast is for more of the same. It looks like the Buggerman who lives up there in New England is about to get washed away.

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  1. Many times over the last 10 days, I’ve thanked the old farmer who chose where to build our house back in 1778. We’re high and dry without any water in the basement – but we’re about the only ones. On Saturday (10th consecutive day of rain), we were out driving and I told my wife that I hoped the pumpkin patch hadn’t flooded out, since I knew they grow them down along the old alluvial flood plain of the Souhegan. Sure enough, when we crossed the bridge over the Souhegan, there were hundreds of pumpkins floating down the river. The river runs through the golf course and the golf course is about 1/2 under water, with pumpkins floating all over the fairways.

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