Lower River Hoppers

Big Hole 301 cfs temp. 59
Beaverhead 351 cfs

Yesterday I floated from Notch Bottom to a place we call the ditch hole. Kinda tough taking out but it beats going all the way to Pennington. We only floated for a couple hours and I used nothing but a big hopper. Two big rainbows and a refusal by a monster brown was all the action I got. I took this gal along for a ride. She doesn’t know how to fly fish or row the boat, so I thought the heck with teaching her how to fly fish, teach her how to row and leave it at that. As soon as she learns the difference between pulling and pushing on the oars and which way is up and down stream and that going in circles down the river is not required, she’ll do okay.

In the Divide area a pmx won the honors yesterday.

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  1. A few weekends back Carla and I rented a tandem sea kayak and drove up to the Uintah Mountain lakes. She spent most of the time talking and paddling while I stripped a leech and caught half a dozen fish. It was the perfect arrangement, she got to talk my ear off and I got to fish without having to paddle.

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