It’s Over

As of about two hours ago the general big game hunting season in Montana is over and I for one am glad of it. The hunting district where I live was open for either sex elk as they are trying to harvest more animals. It has been an absolute zoo by my house every morning as hunters were heading up the mountain with chained up rigs, 4 wheelers, horses, mules , snow shoes, snow mobiles, etc, etc. I live at the base of Fleecer Mountain and word got out there was a huge herd of elk that migrated into the area. This is basically my back yard but there was no way I was going to go up there and join the crowds. I put an orange vest on just to walk out to my mail box. Actually most of the hunters were very polite and apoligized for waking me up at 4 am while they chained up there rig next to the house.

I’m leaving Wednesday for Andros Island, Bahamas for a couple weeks. Going to meet with Herman Bain and Hank of Hank’s Place to discuss business details regarding guiding and accomodations there. That should take at least about ten minutes out of the two weeks and then it’s off to the the flats and channels for some serious R&D. The hurricanes are pretty much done and this is the time of year the big bones come in.

A friend of mine advised me to take along a lap-top and give a running report from there, but that is way beyond my capabilities. I can already taste Gogey’s conch salad.


  1. A laptop is NOT beyond your capability. It is a GREAT idea and one you should explore. I will help. Jason get on his butt about this…he should do it.

  2. Bonnie,
    I agree 100% with you. It only took Al a few tries to get the hang of making blog entries and editing things through WordPress. I don’t think using a laptop would be any more difficult. It wouldn’t even really need to be a speedy one either, just something with a wireless and an ethernet connection so that he can connect while he’s in the Bahamas. Now the only trick would be finding a wireless connection in the Bahamas…

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