It’s back, BIG TIME

Big Hole River-3100 cfs and dropping.

Mike Wilkinson who owns the Wise River Mercantile and I decided to do a R&D float on the upper river this afternoon to see if we could catch a fish or two. The clarity improved from yesterday and the river is receding a bit so we thought we would give it a try. There were caddis fly’s all over the place but few fish rising and the wind was blowing pretty hard so we decided to try streamers for awhile. We only caught 3 brown trout but the amazing thing was the smallest one was 23 inches and the biggest was just over 25. All these fish were really thick with big shoulders. We did get a picture of one. We didn’t have a camera along but there were some people camping along the river near where we caught the second one so Mike ran up to their camp and asked to borrow a camera if they had one. They did and were more than happy to loan it to us. We also caught a few brookies and rainbows. Mike was beside him self. He has fished this river for quite some time and had never seen fish that big.

If you happen to be in the Wise River area and need a few supplies, they have a great little store there.

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  1. Simmons Palmer

    Al, I fished up there with a friend of mine on Saturday and it sucked. I caught one fish. We stayed with Barry Friday night and I wish I had gone with my instincts and gone to the Beaverhead. I live in Missoula and will call you next time I am up that way. By the way we love the PUMPKIN BUGGER. Simmons Palmer, Charlies son.

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