Back To Work

Big Hole 411 cfs
Jefferson 962 cfs

After the past couple days of some pretty easy duty it was time to go back to work with a serious fisherman. This was Anthony’s first float trip with us and what a day he had. The morning was kind of slow which is normal for this time of year. After it warmed up a bit the top water action started and it was great. No big fish to speak of but a lot of action again. To get that kind of dry fly action in October is a treat.

The forecast for the rest of the week is partly cloudy with high’s near sixty. Great conditions for fishing.


  1. Aram Aykanian and Hilary Burg

    Hi Al. I first spoke with you at the Hitching Post in Melrose and then visited your shop the next day with my wife. You had mentioned your blog to me. I’ve been reading your entries and have been very moved by your experiences on the Big Hole. We were both touched by your feelings for Gus and how you would have done anything to save him. We have two dogs. You might have noticed them outside your shop when we were there a couple of weeks ago. We take our girls everywhere so we know what you went through when you had to say goodbye to Gus. We fell in love with the Big Hole river and valley. It resonated with us more than any other valley although we were quite taken with every place we saw. Montana is a beautiful place and our dream is to move there soon. All the best. Aram and Hilary

  2. are you the aram who worked at the bar at the american circus in Italy with Frank Said and Kenny?

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