Amidst The Ruin And Ashes

Big Hole 460 cfs
Jefferson 988 cfs

It has been over two months since the Blue Moon burned down and that was just about long enough for some locals to decide to have a shindig there any way. I was approached by Kay Keil who is the local mail carrier ( her daily route covers about 150 miles) and she asked about the possibility of having a get together at the site of the old Blue Moon. I told her I was all for it but the only thing left standing was the garage out back and there was no electricity or tables or any thing. That doesn’t stop the people of the Big Hole Valley. When I got there late in the afternoon I was amazed at the people there. They brought tables, chairs, food enough for an army, booze , coleman lanterns and there were electrical cords coming from the fly shop which hooked up to Kay’s karokee player. There were people from the Divide area as well as from Butte and ranchers from up and down the Big Hole Valley. When I left about 10:00 things were really getting warmed up. The singing was a bit off key as it got the coyotes in the surrounding hills to join in (probably because it was hurting their ears) but nobody cared because they were having fun once again at the ole Blue Moon.

I have a float trip today and will let you know the results in my next entry.


  1. In regard to what Al had written our Blue Moon Saloon party was a smashing success. As Al had said he left around 10 PM and i’m here to tell you the party went on till way after 2 AM. We had many stories of our happenings with Lil and Phil and all the good times we had in their bar. We also had many hunting, fishing,snowmobiling and 4-wheeling stories. It was a constant “hoot” from beginning to end. A better night we could’nt have asked for than to have a great big moon, clear sky and warm temps. It all came about when one of our local ranchers Jack said to me, I miss our old meeting place so much I’m about ready to go sit in front of the burned out place and have a beer. I decided right then and there we would start an annual salute to our friends and have this party. In all respect to Al I have to tell you my mail route is 250 miles daily.

  2. As to what Al had to say , only one correction and then I’ll get on with the rest of the party, the Mail route is more like 250 miles a day. Ok on with the Farewell to the Blue Moon Saloon party. It all came about when Jack, one of the local ranchers said, by golly I miss the old gathering place so much I’m gonna grab a six pack and chair and go sit in the lot. Right then and there I decided we needed to have our 1st annual salute to the bar and our good friends Lil and Phil. It only took a few calls and the party was a go, although we had to wait a few weeks, there was branding gathering cattle from the summer pasture, birthdays, weddings and the like before we hit on a weekend. What a hoot, there were so many stories whether it be happenings at the bar, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, 4 wheeling, there were a lot of them flying around the campfire. Al had said he left around 10 PM, us old diehards went on until way after 2 AM. The weather was beautiful, warm, full moon, stars in the sky and the good company of so many people, lots of old friends and some new friends.

  3. An “out of stater,” who just happened to be born in P-burg, first time I was in the Moon was when I was 6 yrs old with grandpa, was there this last spring after fishing. Oddly enough the discussion this past weekend around my mothers hospital bed turned to the “moon” and all the good times and funny stories surrounding our adventures there. Also,funny side note, my son says the “moon” was the only place he has ever been carded in the whole state.

  4. I did not know about the Blue Moon. What happened?

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