Stream flows

Big Hole 307cfs
Beaverhead 122cfs
Jefferson 620cfs

As you have probably noticed I have not been giving the flow on the Jefferson for some time. That’s because it was low, mossy and not worth fishing. Now with this cool weather and the increased flow it should start blowing the moss out and start fishing again. It came up almost 300cfs in the last couple days. On the Big Hole and Beaverhead the tricos are pretty much gone. This evening I took the newfys for a walk along the river and it looks great. The high temp. for tomorrow is only about 58 and about the same for the rest of the week and more rain for most of the week. Start digging through your streamer box, the bugger man would love it.

One Comment:

  1. Buggerman can only dream of such days at this point in his life. His tying bench has been cleared off, the space needed to store his packed belongings, due to an over-budget and off schedule home remodel. He has had only four days of fishing since he left the Bighole in June, and his patented olive/black rubber headed 2/0 smallmouth bugger has shown little action on Lake Champlain, compared to last season’s success. With every day, he notices that the sun is setting sooner, and faces the grim realization that another winter will be closing in on him soon. The brook trout trip to upstate New York never materialized…nor the float on the headwaters of the Connecticut. Looks like they will both have to be put off for another year, or another year, or again, another.

    What was that famous quote from Casablanca? “We’ll always have Paris?” I feel like Bogart every time I pass by my rods, stacked neatly in the corner of my barn attic. They seem to be calling out to me, asking what ever happened to the season. My only response to them is that although we may have to wait until next June, at least we’ll always have the Bighole.


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