Picnic in the mountains?

This doesn’t have any thing to do with fishing, but I thought it was rather humurous.

A week ago my brother and sister and their spouses came here for a short visit . I suggested we go up in the mountains and have a picnic. They all thought this was a grand idea. I also suggested that they bring along some gloves and my sister in law said, “why, is it going to be cold?” I said it’s just a good idea to bring gloves. Then she said why are we taking two trucks and why are you bringing that chain saw? Oh, your going to build a camp fire, that will be nice. When we got to this particular place in the mountains, I told them to stay by the truck as I grabbed the chain saw and wandered into the woods. When they observed me dropping a couple hundred foot tall dead standing pine trees, they finally got the hint.
This was not going to be your average picnic. My brother in law, Ray who lives in Chicago had never experienced any thing quite like this and he really got into it. He was loading those blocks of wood as fast as I could cut them. In no time at all we had both trucks loaded with enough fire wood to keep me warm through many a cold night this winter. When they got back to their respective homes in Denver and Chicago, they told their friends they had a great time, but if you ever go visit Al in Montana be careful if he invites you to go on a picnic.


  1. Al's wiser brother

    Let’s clarify some of the prose you used in your message, first off, I don’t recall seeing any “hundred foot pine trees”, they were more like fifty foot fir trees, you know ..little guys compared to what we have down here in Colorado. No brag, just fact..Secondly, we thought we’d give you a hand loading the kindling – kind of the family thing to do while on a picnic.. and lastly, who unloaded one of the trucks by himself with no help, Speak up, I can’t hear you !!!
    All in all, we had a great time.. I for one enjoyed the elk roast immensely… We won’t talk about fixing your pizza dish..piece of sh__! You sure do have a nice picture now since your brother fixed it, don’t you ?? Your most welcome..

  2. Ya know, come to think of it. When I was a kid, Al used to take us on “picnics” too. Only now is it clear what was really going on.

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