Fly Fishing Christmas Gifts

With Christmas just around the bend, it seems fitting to discuss the gifts that we as fly fishermen (and fisherwomen) receive from our loved ones. As I read this article by Mark Littleton of the Seattle Times I could relate to the gifts that he’s received over the years. I have the fly fishing teddy bear, oodles of fly fishing related christmas ornaments, and things that I wind up forgetting about until next Christmas when they’re drug out of a box labeled, “Christmas Decorations”.

Are we that difficult to shop for? What is it that we want anyway? Well, for me I think the best gift I could receive as a fly fisherman is a gift certificate to my local sportman’s shop, or to the local book store. Or just simply ask us what we’d like for Christmas.

But in the end, it’s really about the effort and love that went into getting the gift that counts. Who cares if this is the 10th fly fishing coffee mug you’ve received in as many years.

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