cool and wet

Big Hole River
Melrose Station-383cfs
Glen Station-443cfs

The flow at the Melrose station is now about 100cfs above the eighty year average. The last few days have been quite cool and wet. This morning as I looked to the south at Nez Perce Ridge and then to the north at Fleecer Mountain, they were both covered with snow. Some say that winter is here but don’t believe it for second. We always get an Indian Summer in late September and early October. The next few weeks is by far the most scenic time of the year to float the river. The leaves on the trees will be yellow and gold and the fishing can be great.

Last week was good with bwo’s on top and streamers and pheasant tail nymphs underneath.

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  1. It just snowed in the foothills around Salt Lake today as well, and we’ll probably get a few cold spells before the indian summer comes rolling in. It usually lasts for about 1 to 2 weeks and it’s a great time to fish. Can I get a collective “Woo-Hoo!” for indian summers?

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