Burbot on the Big Hole

I was browsing through the Montana Fishing Guide maintained by the Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks and noticed that it lists as one of the game fish found in the Big Hole River is a species called a Burbot. I’ve never heard of a Burbot and was wondering if our resident professional trout fisherman, Al if he’s ever seen or caught a Burbot.

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  1. Jason,

    I have never caught a burbot, locally known as a ling, but I have seen them in the river. If you recall that large brown trout I have mounted in the fly shop that has a weird looking fish protruding from its mouth-well that is a burbot, aka ling. When the trout tried to eat it the ling got its tail in backward and through the gill plate and that is what killed the fish. An eagle was trying to pack it off and we took it away from him and took it to a local taxidermist. He mounted it with that ling sticking out of his mouth. Quite a unique mount.

    Most ling are caught at Clark Canyon Dam in the winter through the ice and they get up to 7 lbs. Although snakey like, they are very good eating and are locally known as a poor man’s lobster.

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