emil-pretty_creekEmil with a nice bonefish in the North Bight

Not much to report except the weather has been relatively good with light winds and lots of sun.

Went after bonefish today for only the second time. Hooked two and should have had many more. Ran into two big  schools but couldn’t get em to eat. I  had on a pink gotcha and they would follow it but wouldn’t eat. I was basically too lazy to go back to the boat and change flies—-oh well next time will go with the basic tan.

Going outside to the reef again tomorrow. This time Gogie and I will be  looking for big mutton snappers.

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More Fish

P1000682Sight fish and hook into this guy.

The fishing competition keeps going  on. A few days ago up  the creek  I caught several more snapper than he did. So he suggested  a tournament the next day. I should have  known this was  just a bait and stupid me bit it. He literally kicked my butt next day.

Yesterday morning we  went out  with just a thought of catching just a few for  our dinner. We came back with enough fish to feed half of Fresh Creek. Fried yellowtail and grunt was for dinner last night. Those little grunts are super sweet.

Benry went to Red Bays on the west side yesterday and reported  excellent bonefishing.

Herman Bain reported good  fishing in Bowen Sound.

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Helluva Day

P1000695Hank and Al boating a big bull shark

Well it was another day with the competition again fierce. The results were about even—–until.

We were at the dock cleaning our catch of the day when these three big bull sharks showed up. Hank said he was going to get his big rod. I knew they would hang around with the smell of blood in the water. These things are so aggressive it’s unreal. He put a piece of fish on his hook, threw it out in the water  and in a second one of them ate it. The fight was  on as it headed  out to the channel . I untied my boat, Hank jumped in and we gave chase out to sea, or I should say it towed us out to sea. After a long time and with Hank about to expire, we got it next to the boat, grabbed the leader and released it.

So I guess I’ll have to admit, Hank got the biggest of the day.

Just another fun day here on Andros. Great weather next few days so we will be at it again.

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Andros Island

P1000680Temp. 80 degrees, partly cloudy and the legendary Hanky Panky himself.

Well it’s my third day here and don’t ask me how the fishing is cuz I haven’t been yet. Pretty much just relaxing and getting all my gear and boat ready.

I flew from Nassau to Andros with Glen again and amazingly it was the same plane we crash landed  with last year. Glen said it  was good to go so I believed him. However I personally checked for hydraulic leaks.

Wind has been blowing pretty hard every day but forecast for most  of next week looks great.  That is when things will heat up as Hank and I are planning a trip out to the reef. He claims I always lie about the results so I told him to do the report. It should be fun regardless.

Hank said he still has several  openings in January. He also has access to a new off  shore boat for anyone who would like to  do dat.

Photos will appear as soon as I figure out the new computer and camera.

Morten and I  are already in the planning stages for a west side  trip. Really looking forward to that.

More reports to come  so stay tuned.

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Out To Pasture

I would like to thank all for the comments and emails on my retirement and sale of the business.

I’m not entirely hanging it up. I will still be doing some guiding and helping out at the shop when needed.  I have some clients that are completely spoiled and won’t go with anyone but me. I keep telling them that these younger guides work a hell of a lot harder than I do. Some have been with me for almost twenty years.

I have complete confidence that Craig, Lia and John will will do a great job. I’m trying to convince Lia to get her guides license. She can row a boat and cast a fly as good as any guy. Plus she is attractive and has a great personality. Also women who are beginner fly casters would feel much less intimidated if she was guiding them. So what do you all think ?

I’m leaving tomorrow for Andros Island. and who knows when I will get back. I will be doing posts from there also so don’t worry Erik.


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New Owners


Craig and Lia Jones and Too Tall John Fetter.

These are the new owners  of Great Divide Outfitters and Fly Shop.

After 34 years in the outfitting business, I decided it was time to get out. I also have a lot of things on my bucket list I want to do. I will still do some guiding but not the every day stuff I used to do.

These new young owners will bring new  ideas and energy to the shop. Many of you already know Craig who has been my number one guide for the last couple years. He is one of the top guides on the Big Hole and Beaverhead rivers. He will also offer trips on the Ruby, Clark Fork and several other rivers.

In a couple days I will be heading for Andros Island for the winter. As always I will be doing posts from there as I have been threatened  with the removal of some of my extremities if I don’t.

Happy Thanksgiving



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Nymphs, Tricos, Ants, Streamers


This is one of several we caught yesterday. We never got a really big fish but lots of these in the 18 inch range—take those all day.

It took several different patterns but we had good luck with all of them.

There are still tricos but fewer and fewer every day. High noon is the time for this action.

Late afternoon I decided we would go to  streamers and it took about 3 minutes after tying one on that it produced a 19 inch brown. At one point we had a doub le hookup while I was threading through a rock garden. We boated both of them.

Last two days have been super fishing. Weather forecast is for warm temps. next few days.

348 cfs—Maidenrock

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Closed Signs

P1000662Read the fine print

This is a pic of one of the signs posted at Dewey (George Grant) and Greenwood Flat. For the past week floaters have been avoiding this stretch because of these signs. If you read the fine print on the white piece of paper on top you will see it was only closed Sept. 9th and 10th. I contacted FWP and asked them to either remove or cover these signs to  avoid confusion. The Silver Bridge has been removed and now is on the north  shore being overhauled. I don’t see any more closures in the immediate future.

The weather today is supurb with warm temps, no wind  and slight  cloud  cover. What more could you ask for perfect fishing conditions.

Tricos are still showing up late morning. Ant patterns worked fairly well yesterday afternoon. If your after big fish, chuck some streamers in the morning. Forecast for tomorrow  is mostly cloudy so they will work all day.

The flow is still about 100 cfs above average with 350 at Maidenrock and 400 at Melrose.

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P1000660Silver Bridge

What you see took place just minutes ago. The bridge was slid over on to the dollies on the work bridge. In the next couple days it  will be pulled ashore and work started to refit it. Pretty interesting watching how they accomplished this feat.

Yesterday fishing on top water with tricos and big attractors in the afternoon proved to be pretty good. Big changes for tomorrow. If you want to brave the cold weather and possible snow showers you could be rewarded with some big fish. Yup that means digging out your bugger box. The old saying “the worse the weather, the better the streamer fishing”. This is pretty much true.

If you don’t like fishing in the cold, just wait a couple days as it is forecast to be in the 70’s by late weekend.

Allthough the river has been dropping the past week it is still above average.

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Another Closure

Continue reading

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