Nymphs, Tricos, Ants, Streamers


This is one of several we caught yesterday. We never got a really big fish but lots of these in the 18 inch range—take those all day.

It took several different patterns but we had good luck with all of them.

There are still tricos but fewer and fewer every day. High noon is the time for this action.

Late afternoon I decided we would go to  streamers and it took about 3 minutes after tying one on that it produced a 19 inch brown. At one point we had a doub le hookup while I was threading through a rock garden. We boated both of them.

Last two days have been super fishing. Weather forecast is for warm temps. next few days.

348 cfs—Maidenrock

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Closed Signs

P1000662Read the fine print

This is a pic of one of the signs posted at Dewey (George Grant) and Greenwood Flat. For the past week floaters have been avoiding this stretch because of these signs. If you read the fine print on the white piece of paper on top you will see it was only closed Sept. 9th and 10th. I contacted FWP and asked them to either remove or cover these signs to  avoid confusion. The Silver Bridge has been removed and now is on the north  shore being overhauled. I don’t see any more closures in the immediate future.

The weather today is supurb with warm temps, no wind  and slight  cloud  cover. What more could you ask for perfect fishing conditions.

Tricos are still showing up late morning. Ant patterns worked fairly well yesterday afternoon. If your after big fish, chuck some streamers in the morning. Forecast for tomorrow  is mostly cloudy so they will work all day.

The flow is still about 100 cfs above average with 350 at Maidenrock and 400 at Melrose.

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P1000660Silver Bridge

What you see took place just minutes ago. The bridge was slid over on to the dollies on the work bridge. In the next couple days it  will be pulled ashore and work started to refit it. Pretty interesting watching how they accomplished this feat.

Yesterday fishing on top water with tricos and big attractors in the afternoon proved to be pretty good. Big changes for tomorrow. If you want to brave the cold weather and possible snow showers you could be rewarded with some big fish. Yup that means digging out your bugger box. The old saying “the worse the weather, the better the streamer fishing”. This is pretty much true.

If you don’t like fishing in the cold, just wait a couple days as it is forecast to be in the 70’s by late weekend.

Allthough the river has been dropping the past week it is still above average.

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Another Closure

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Silver Bridge

The Big Hole River will be closed from Greenwood Flat to 1000 feet below Silver Bridge on Sept. 5th and 6th, Friday and Saturday to floating. At this time they will be using hydraulic jack system to lift the bridge, slide it on to dolly’s on the work bridge and then dragging it to shore to overhaul it. It will only be closed those two days for now.

Top water action remains excellent. Tricos mid to late morning and then hoppers, ants, chubbies and big mayfly patterns.

The flow is still about 100 cfs above average.

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About the Grayling situation. First of all the little buggers are great with eggs for breakfast in the morning. Kidding, kidding of course.

The Feds recently elected not to put the grayling on the endangered species list. I for one kinda agree with them. Number one, keep the Feds out of it. I really don’t agree with the total number count-too low I believe. In the past couple years we have caught several of them. Just last week we caught two in the Jerry Creek area. Also many of the upper creeks such as La Marche, Fishtrap, Deep Creek just to name a few have a good population of these tasty little fellas.

The Big Hole is in super condition with a level flow at Maidenrock of 780 cfs. The cloudy, rainy conditions past few days made for some good streamer action. Warming temps will again bring out mayfly action.

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Grand Slam

mike 2014On A streamer

Got the grand slam yesterday with Mike S. Over coming his physical disabilities it turned out to be a great day. Had to hole up for some time waiting for a couple storms to blow through. At one point we were anchored while the lightning flashed and the wind gusts were blowing like hell. Mike told me to watch those big white flies hatching. I humored him awhile and finally told him they were cotton balls from the nearby cotton wood trees. He didn’t believe me at first but after looking closer he agreed.

It was all dry flies yesterday. The pic above is from a week ago with Mike G. By looking at the weather forecast I think it’s time to check out your bugger box. Much cooler temps and rain for the next few days. Big mayfly patterns and assorted chubbies should also work. Tricos might be put on hold for a bit.

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This notice from FWP is a little late but today, Aug. 18th Anderson Construction will be blasting some time between 3 and 8 pm at Silver Bridge. I assume they will be blasting the old pilings. They will have people at Dewey and Greenwood warning of this. For those who have already put in there, hope you don’t get blown out of the water.

A friend of mine lost a high end rod just below Thompson’s Corner. If found please bring it to the shop. He is offering a sizable reward.

Tricos, ants, hoppers. Flow at Maidenrock this morning is 615 cfs. Most of the moss that came loose from the upper river with all the rain is pretty much gone.

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east bank sunsetSunset at East Bank

What a great shot. Thanks to Dean W. for sending it to me.

Records are being broken for the highest flow in the Big Hole at this time. Presently at 790 cfs which is super for mid August.

All the rain yesterday put a damper on the trico action but there was plenty of action on big attractors and streamers.

I heard a rumor that fishing on the Big Hole was tough lately. Don’t know where they got that but I think they need a different guide.

Just a slight chance  for rain in the next few days.

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Great Water

Tricos, moths, hoppers and great flows make the Big Hole a great fishery now. The flow at Maidenrock is 545 cfs which is well above average for this time.

If you want a big fish go out at first light and chuck some streamers. Or if it’s cloudy they will work all day.

The tricos can be frustrating but fun. The other day they gobbled this certain pattern I was using. Yesterday they wouldn’t touch it. I have a new plan for today.

More great photos soon.

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