Montana will always have to battle for our stream access laws

Recently, Ducks Unlimited magazine dismissed noted Montana outdoor writer Don Thomas from his long-time contributing editor position. It seems that Thomas wrote an article for another publication criticizing billionaire Montana landowner (and Ducks Unlimited member) James Cox Kennedy for his overt attempt to undermine Montana’s stream access law particularly as it pertains to the portion of the Ruby River flowing through his property in Twin Bridges. This challenge has been settled several times on behalf of the public in Montana’s courts, and Mr. Kennedy’s position is a matter of public record. However, Thomas was let go by DU because, as stated by DU editorial director Matt Young, “we simply cannot condone this type of vitriol directed by one of our contributing editors toward a dedicated DU volunteer, who is among the nation’s most ardent and active waterfowl conservationists.” Apparently, when it comes to criticism, certain people, as deemed … Continue reading