Clear Waters

rogerCaught on a mayfly

The river is flowing at 850 cfs which means those of you using hard boats want to be careful for as some of the rocks are growing.

I have been getting several calls regarding Silver Bridge closure. FWP will notify me four days prior to a closure. I will then post it. The contractor is required to only close it 48 hrs. at a time. When they do close it, it will be closed from Dewey to Silver Bridge (power house). That means the entire Dewey Canyon.

If you lost a large streamer box in the Maidenrock Canyon get in touch with me. Describe it to the guy who found it and he is willing to ship it back to the owner—nice guy. As for the guys who recovered their rods left at Silver Bridge. A little reward to the finder would be nice. I talked to her yesterday and she said she got nothing. Next time she said she will just sell the rods.

Small mayflies and caddis working well morning to mid day. Chubby with a nymph dropper is best in late afternoon.

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Warm Temps

P1000642Ranch horses along the upper Big Hole with the Pintlar Wilderness in the back ground.

I have been getting lots of calls asking if Silver Bridge (powerhouse access) is closed. The answer is no. By seeing the equipment being moved in it may be soon. When they do close it, it will be for only 48 hours at a time. I’ll try to find out soon when they are planning on closing it and will post it.

Dry fly fising is excellent in the morning and slows down during the heat of the day. Then picks up in the evening.

River is running at 1580 cfs and is still above average.

If you trek on the north side  of the river in the Dewey Canyon you are a lot tougher than I’am. Lots of boulder hopping but the real danger is rattle snakes. That is rattle snake central. A few days ago a couple guys who went there said they came close  to four  of them. Maidenrock canyon also has them but not as  many.

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More Lost And Found

P1000633West Goat Peak

It’s July 3rd and look at all the snow still on this peak in the Pintlar
Wilderness. Gotta love it.

Fishing on top water remains very good, what else can I say.

Now for the items lost and found and there has been several. To the guys who lost their two rods at Silver Bridge. They have been found and turned into the shop. Describe them and they are yours. A little reward to the person who found them wouldn’t hurt.

Roger Young lost a 10ft, 3 pc Sage with an Orvis reel at Mudd Ck. bridge. 206-998-8389. If you found it, give it back to him.

Forecast is very warm temps for the next few days. Expect the fishing to slow down mid afternoon.


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Lost Bag

No pics today, sorry.

River at 2750 cfs and fishing very good on top water. Mayflies, caddis, stone attractors, yellow sally’s.

A guy just contacted me about his lost bag. It’s a green boat  bag which he left on the bank in the Maidenrock Canyon. When he returned to get it, it was gone.  It contains a big streamer box, several other fly boxes and tools as well as a Lamson reel. If you found this bag please do the right thing. Drop it off here at the shop. A reward is offered.

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Great Flows

merle's brownMerle with guide Scott V. Caught on a dry fly.

At 3560 cfs the river is well above a thousand  cfs of average flow. This is a good thing. It means the flows for the rest of the season, especially August will be excellent unlike last year.

On Thursday it poured rain and I literally had to pump the water out of my drift boat or it would have sunk. After the rain the streamer action was superb. It also helped that I had a couple guys who could really get the flies in the pockets and under willow. Sixteen year old Colton is about as good at casting streamers as I have ever had in the boat. Friday morning the streamer action was just ok but the afternoon was hot with top water action. Mayfly and caddis patterns produced lots of fish. Saturday the action was slow, slow.

With the warmer temps this week we will see more mayflies including green drakes.

Art who works here at the shop is making shore lunches for anyone interested. He makes a hearty lunch for ten bucks. Call the shop to order. 406-267-3346.

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Back To Normal

sunset fish

After a crazy week or so things are back to normal on the Big Hole River. Last weekend was totally insane. The salmon flies are gone and so  are the crowds.

The fishing now is gooood. Some of my guys just came in and showed  pics of three fish going 21 to 23 inches. Not bad and the one guy is a rookie with his first trip fly fishing.

The river is 2860 cfs and looks like it will be in great shape for the rest of the season.

More later, gotta go now.

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shane's brown

That fish was not caught on a salmon fly but rather a large streamer by the buggerman himself.

Last couple  days have been crazy around here. Salmon flies are out and so  are the fisherman. So far there have been no  accidents or major fights on the river that I know of but it’s not over yet. My shuttlers  have been complaining  about not getting enough shuttles but now they are crying uncle. Things will slow down next  couple days.

For the most part  fishing has been good with lots of fish caught on top.

I finally found out the real story about the psycho pheasant. A guy who lives down by Maidenrock raised him from a chick and in the house. This bird thinks he is human as he has never seen another pheasant but just people. He is so horny he chases about everything he sees. Hey I didn’t make this up but just relaying the  story.

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Hooked Up

photo (2)

This super yummy has been catching lots of big fish lately and it looks like it got another one. He actually did it to himself. It looks bad but Mike knew the leader technique and it popped out easily. Everybody should know that technique. You get a piece of heavy tippet, at least 10 lb. or a piece of fly line. Wrap it around the bend of the hood where it has penetrated the skin. Get a good grip on the end of the line. Hold down on the eye and give it a good yank. It comes out exactly as it went in. Over the years I have extracted dozens of hooks. Doctors and lawyers are the most fun to pop out a hook for obvious reasons.

The big bugs are close. There are a few husks on the bridge abutment at Glen and Brown’s. As warm as it got today I’m sure there will be more crawling out tonight. How quick they move upriver is anyone’s guess.

I just got in that new Scott Radian rod. After casting it I see why it got such rave revues.

The river is at 4400 cfs at Maidenrock and dropping.

In the next week there will be lots of boats on the river. Just remember to be careful and only experienced oarsmen should be on the sticks with this flow.

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Late this afternoon my neighbor Patricia called me at the shop and  said a raft had just flipped over at the dam and it was floating downstream upside down. I knew FWP warden Sargent Kline was in the area so I called him to assist. We got to the Divide access about the same time and spotted the raft upside down and about a hundred yards downstream from the ramp on the far side of the river. We went back across the bridge and were able to drive close to where they were. There were two of them and the older gentleman was shaking pretty bad and complaining he could not catch his breath. It was obvious he was a bit hypothermic. We put him in my jeep and with the warm sun shining in the window he started to get much better. We managed to flip the boat upright and the other guy who was in pretty good shape was able to row it down to the campground access.

He said when going over the dam he went too far to the left and got caught in a back wash and flipped immediately. When going over this thing you want to hit it dead center and then pull hard right to get out of it. At this flow it is actually more dangerous than when it was 8000. Now those two waves have a standing wave also known as a rooster tail. If you hit it dead center with a raft or high side drift boat—no problem. If in a low side–good chance you will sink. The portage path is a joke and don’t even try it.

The guy told me something that really irked me. He said while they were floating upside down in the middle of the river and hanging on for dear life while passing the Divide access there was a guy standing on the ramp and just watched them float by. No offer of any help or to get help but just stood and watched them.

It all turned out ok and a big thanks to my neighbor to call me as soon as she saw it.

Now to the fishing. Reports today were good with decent action on top using chubbies and chernobles. No bugs out of any kind but those browns just can’t refuse that chubby.

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Crystal Ball

Of over thirty predictions for peak flow, most were not even close. Simmons was the closest with his prediction of 9200 on May 30th. The high was 8500 on the 28th I believe. At 5500 this morning, it would take one hell of a rain shower to get over 10,000.

The river is shaping up very well with the visibility about two feet. Not much for hatches yet so it’s mostly streamers and nymphs. However  yesterday we put on a #10 chubby just for the hell of it and caught two of  the biggest brown trout of the day. We also got the grand slam.

Getting lots of calls to check my crystal ball as to when the salmon flies will show up. I consulted it and allthough it would not give me an exact date it said the 15th would find them somewhere on the river.

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